Mr. Karule is a local farmer living in Omukagasha Village, Nkungu sub-county, Kazo  district, South western Uganda.He constantly depends  on Livestock  and livestock products ,animal rearing and small scale farming for daily living and sustaining his  family and catering for the school fees for his children.

Unfortunately during animal contagious  disease Outbreaks like Foot and mouth disease and East Coast Fever, Karure has nothing to live on and sustain the  family.
To help Mr.Karule and other farmers like him who are facing the same challenges in many areas in Africa and the low resource communities at large, we developed a low cost device that reduces the early  spread of these viral diseases.Our greatest desire  is to empower  a local farmer like Mr.Karure and other farmers like him through smart agriculture and technology that is convenient and easy to use.


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