Causes of FMD $ how to use Footmo Kit

  • CausesFoot and mouth disease is a very fatal contagious viral disease. This disease affect cow, buffalo, goat, sheep etc. But cow get infected much. A virus named picorna causes this disease.


    • In the initial state the body temperature of the cow become about 104-106 Fahrenheit.
    • Blister can be seen inside the mouth, tongue and middle of the hoofs.
    • This blister get fractured and turned to sore.
    • Saliva exude from nose and mouth continuously and for this thy can consume grass or other food properly.
    • The cow infected by foot and mouth disease become very sick. Abortion may happen to the pregnant cow.
    • The hoof may drop off day by day.
    • The cow lose their appetite.
    • Sometimes they raise their legs high.
    • Infected cattle lick the sore of their hoof with their tongue.
    • Constipation can be seen in sick animal.
    • Due to sore in the hoof the cow can’t walk well.

    -Put the device in the mouse of the cow
    -Foot and mouth disease virus is diagnosed automatically and results are displayed on the screen.
    -The farmer reads and if the screen displays positive, the animal is infected with FMD and the farmer reports to the nearest veterinary doctor, animal scientist/authority.
    If results are negative, the animal is free from FMDV.
    If results are neutal, the farmer reports to the nearest animal scientist/veterinary doctor for clarification from the doctor.
  • The farmer can as well use the phone to read results on the phone and report to the nearest veterinary officers.
  • It is very cheap to use
  • It enables independent data capture
  • Results are easy to interpret to a local  farmer even with out formal education


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